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Image by Ross  Tinney

Individual Adventure Therapy Session - Sailing

Build self-esteem and self-confidence while learning the basics of harnessing the wind through sailing adventure therapy. Clients will learn basic sailing skills including, parts of the boat, steering, crewing, knot tying, how to sail to a particular destination and how to manage different wind and weather conditions, but most importantly clients will learn about their own response patterns to various conditions that nature provides. Designed for individuals ages 12+. 

Image by Miguel A. Amutio

Adventure Therapy for Couples - Sailing

Couples will not only learn the basics of harnessing the wind and waves but will also cultivate the opportunity to build or rebuild trust, improve and/or fine tune communication and work together towards a common goal.  Designed for couples ages 18+. 

Image by Jarrett Fifield

Group Adventure Therapy - Sailing 

In a group setting learn to improve interpersonal communication, social skills and mutual cooperation while learning the basics of sailing. Designed for ages 12+.

Sailing Adventure Therapy sessions are facilitated by Jessica Cole and an assistant sailing instructor. Sessions are held on a 25ft Sailboat and take place on Kootenay Lake. An initial consult will be conducted to assess whether Adventure Therapy is a good fit for each individual depending on clients' physical abilities and personal goals. Destination is determined based on client(s)' goals, wind and weather conditions and length of scheduled session. A list of appropriate gear and provisions needed for the session will be provided beforehand.

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