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Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy

An evidence-based therapeutic modality that uses mindfulness and body centred awareness to address the negative thought patterns that contribute to depression, anxiety and other mental health issues.

Somatic-Based Therapy

A therapeutic modality that uses body centred awareness and the felt sense of the body to access and resolve trauma responses in the nervous system.

Trauma & Abuse

Aspen Winds specializes in relational trauma and psychological, emotional, verbal, physical, sexual and financial abuse in childhood and domestic partnerships.


Throughout the year Aspen Winds offers psycho-educational groups. Groups include The Women's Healing Journey- a group for self-identified women who have experienced relational trauma and/or abuse; A Mindful Way Through Depression and Anxiety - a mindfulness-based cognitive therapy group for those who have experienced or are experiencing depression and anxiety; Cultivating Healthy Relationships - a group for individuals looking to improve the quality of their intimate relationships. Since we often find ourselves in groups either at work, with family or with friends, groups can be great way to cultivate emotional and mental well-being in a safe and supportive atmosphere that is structured and contained. If you're looking to further your understanding of yourself and others but are not seeing the change through individual counselling, groups might be the next step in your learning. 

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